Upper Extremity Traction System

Intraoperative positioning of the upper extremities for a wide variety of surgical procedures becomes easier and cost-efficient with the adaptable Upper Extremity Traction System from SchureMed.

Product Information

This traction system combines ease-of-use and adaptability in one intra-operative surgical positioner for most upper extremity procedures. Shown here (Photo 1) is a Supine Elbow Procedure using the Support Frame with Foot Pedal. The Wrist Traction Configuration (Photo 2) also offers a variety of positioning capabilities – pronation and supination can be easily controlled by the surgeon’s preference and locked in place.

  • Easily articulated using the Foot Pedal…attaches to O.R. table side rail in seconds
  • Apply tension by simply dialing knob from 0-15 lbs.
  • Improved productivity…no need for assistants to hold extremity
  • All components except Support Frame are autoclavable

#800-0135   Upper Extremity Traction System

Optional Accessories
#800-0113   Disposable Hand/Forearm Wraps
#800-0134   Schure Socket XL
#512-0022   Extra Large Finger Trap Single
#512-0023   Large Finger Trap Single
#512-0024   Medium Finger Trap Single
#512-0025   Small Finger Trap Single
#512-0026   Pediatric Finger Trap Single
#512-0027   Extra Large Finger Trap Double
#512-0028   Large Finger Trap Double
#512-0029   Medium Finger Trap Double
#512-0030   Small Finger Trap Double
#512-0031   Pediatric Finger Trap Double


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