Gel Pads and Positioners

Gel pads and positioners are a reusable, highly-effective and affordable surgical patient positioning solution for a variety of surgical procedures. From SchureMed.

Product Information

SchureMed Gel Pads and Positioners

Gel pads and gel positioners for all types of surgical procedures are engineered to promote patient comfort and manufactured with durable materials for years of operating room use. Lightweight for easy patient positioning by staff both pre- and post-op, gel pads and positioners offer your OR staff a highly-effective and reusable solution for both pediatric and adult surgical positioning needs.

SchureGel Pads and Positioners from Schuremed are designed to support and protect the surgical patient to minimize the potential for decubitus ulcers caused by pressure, shear and friction. The SchureGel is a dry viscoelastic polymer which is the only clinically-proven gel composition in the medical marketplace. Our SchureGel Pads and Positioners are ideal for ENT, plastic, general and ophthalmic procedures.

• Not made with natural rubber latex…preventing any patient allergic reaction
• Silicone Free…ensuring patient comfort and safety
• Plasticizer Free…no leaching of oils
• Antimicrobial… inhibiting the growth of microorganisms
• Antibacterial… inhibits bacterial growth
• Can be heated and cooled… enhancing patient comfort
• Repairable…extend product life and reduce cost
• Self-Extinguishing…improved fire safety in the OR
• Reusable…cost effective
• X-Ray Translucent…improve OR efficiency
• Seal to outer edge…easy to clean and eliminates contaminates between skins.
• ¼” continuous edge seal…long lasting and durable


Gel Head Positioners: Used for supine, lateral or prone positioning for both adult and pediatric patients.


Chest & Axillary Positioners & Rolls: Chest & Axillary Rolls are designed to be used for pressure reduction in the chest and axillary areas. Their flat bottom resists patient shifting and roll-over during procedures. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate patients of any size.


Foot, Hip, Heel, Knee & Stirrup: SchureMed has a wide variety of pads and positioners that are compatible with Allen Boot Stirrups, knee crutches and candy canes. Also available are a wide variety of foot and heel gel pads and hip positioners.


Elbow, Arm & Shoulder Pads: The SchureGel Line has a complete line of ulnar nerve gel pads as well as standard and contoured arm board pads.


Surgical Table Pads: Used to enhance patient safety and comfort, surgical table gel pads are placed on top of traditional OR table pads for extra gel-layer protection. You can get all your surgical table pad overlays from full-length to individual sections. Cysto and fracture gel pads are also available.


Specialty Pads: SchureMed offers special pads for your Wilson and Andrews Spine Frames, and peg board lateral positioner. Also offered is bassinet, bean bag and Mayo Stand pads.


Miscellaneous Pads: Available are a wide variety of gel pads for commodes, Summersville Pad and lap belts.